Custom shirts adapted to your company culture


L&V Fashion is Belgium’s leading specialist in custom-made and personalised shirts for corporate wear. A selection of our loyal customers includes administrative offices and police forces, security firms, government services, the hospitality industry, youth organisations… Almost every detail is up to you, the choices are practically endless. Based on your choices we will create the ultimate men’s shirt, suitable for all business sectors or applications.


The clothing worn by your staff is part of the image your company projects. A personalised outfit with a quality company shirt helps reinforce your corporate image. Just look at our customers: all strong brands, with corporate shirts that fit them perfectly. Every detail, from the cut to the buttons and embroidery.

How does it work?


  • Choose any fabric you want
  • Choose a style: modern fit or classic fit
  • Choose the detailing: button colour, stitching, edging, accent fabric, embroidery…
  • Choose your accessories: tie, bow, jumper...

Environmentally friendly fabrics


Is respect for the environment vital to your organisation? Ask about our environmentally friendly fabrics, made from recycled PET bottles. That way you can still provide your employees with a brand-new outfit, in an eco-friendly manner.