Wide range of stock, multiple qualities


L&V Fashion manufactures its own collections, and also produces private label men’s shirts. Flexibility and quality are our greatest assets here. Each element or detail is adjusted exactly to order, from the fit and detailing to a customised packaging.


Either source your own fabrics for your private label shirts or leave it to us. Relatively small orders (< 50 items) are not a problem. We always keep a wide selection of fabric in stock in a range of qualities, guaranteeing very short lead times.

Looking for a reliable partner to produce your men’s shirts? Or have you started a new line of clothing? Draw on our experience and expert advice during each stage of production, so you and your customers can enjoy the best possible value for money.


A selection of our private labelling customers:

  • E5-Mode, TNT, Bronson...
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Any further questions about our private label men's shirts?
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